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At SoLo, we want to make it easy for you to achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals.
SoLo’s unique design and underpinning low glycemic science addresses the needs of professional athletes; but also those of weekend warriors, and sports enthusiasts in general.
SoLo was designed with YOU in mind - delivering great tasting, long-lasting energy together with all-natural ingredients and superior nutrition.
This unique combination is the magic behind the SoLo Power movement and the reason why SoLo is quickly becoming THE choice among bar users. Shouldn’t you be SoLo Powered too? Read on to find out how!
SoLo can help YOU achieve your goals!
SoLo is the only very low glycemic bar on the market that has been validated by University Researchers, while containing superior, high-performance nutrition - providing you with sustained and long-lasting energy.
What this means is that you can feel rest
assured that you will not “bonk?half way through your morning workout, training run or endurance event. SoLo’s unique design delivers energy slowly, as your working muscles need it - while sparing your precious glycogen stores at the same time.

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We invite you to become SoLo Powered for 3 simple reasons:
1. SoLo is preferred by PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES and sports enthusiasts
2. SoLo delivers long-term, controlled ENERGY
3. SoLo crushes the competition on TASTE

More Great Reasons to Choose SoLo!
  • Sustained energy, enhanced endurance - for consistent results!
  • Validated very low GI (23-29) by University Researchers
  • Antioxidants to promote cell recovery
  • 24 vitamins & minerals
  • Good carbs, good fats, 11-13 grams protein
  • All-natural ingredients (no sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners)
Compare SoLo to other popular fitness and energy bars
While other bars may offer a quick boost up-front, SoLo provides sustained fuel delivery for maximum performance while still meeting or exceeding other nutritional comparisons.
    Serving Size (g) Calories Carbs
Sodium (mg) Certified
Low Glycemic
Vitamins Minerals Sugar Alcohols Artificial Sweeteners
SOLO Chocolate Charger *50 200 26 11 4 120 Yes (28) Yes (24) NO NO
PowerBar Perform. Chocolate *50 160 35 7 3 160 NO 19 NO NO
PowerBar Pria Chocolate Crisp *50 190 24 12 1 175 NO 23 YES YES
Detour Chocolate Caramel *50 200 20 17 1 185 NO NO YES YES
Clif Chocolate Chip *50 185 39 7 4 110 NO 23 NO NO
Odwalla Choco-Walla *50 195 34 4 4 65 NO 5 NO NO
Balance Bar Gold Chocolate PB *50 210 24 13 <1 150 NO 23   NO
Balance Bar Original Chocolate *50 200 29 14 1 180 NO 23 NO NO
Genisoy Chocolate Fudge *50 195 28 11 2 170 NO 20 NO NO
Gatoraide Energy PB Crunch *50 190 29 12 2 215 NO 11 NO NO
Kashi Go Lean Crunch Chocolate Peanut *50 180 30 9 6 250 NO 9 NO NO
Promax Energy Double Fudge *50 185 25 13 1 135 NO 18 NO NO
Zone Perfect Double Chocolate *50 210 21 16 1 260 NO 19 NO NO
Luna Nutrition Nutz Chocolate *50 190 26 10 3 200 NO 29 NO NO
Snicker Marathon Chewy Chocolate *50 190 24 13 5 220 NO 16 NO NO
NuGo Nutrition Chocolate Blast *50 180 26 11 3 170 YES (52) 10 NO NO
     * Please note: The original serving sizes (and corresponding values) were adjusted to 50 grams for comparison purposes
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