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A Game Plan for Success!
At SoLo, we strongly believe that your performance begins with the fuel you put into your body. As such, we feel that equal emphasis (and importance) should be placed on your training plan as well as your nutrition plan. We understand this can be difficult, as too often we have good intentions to eat well but struggle with balancing food and good nutrition with busy schedules of work, workouts, family, and friends.
Athletes, students, businesspeople, and parents repeatedly have the same complaint of knowing what they should eat but not having the time to do it. Although they may take the time to exercise, they don’t always make the time, or know how, to eat right. SoLo is committed to providing the information and resources required to adopt a well-balanced nutrition plan to help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals.
To help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals, SoLo’s “Nutrition Triad”, was created specifically to assist athletes and active individuals in designing and planning their own personal nutrition game plan. To do this we believe it is necessary to pay attention to three very important elements. Click on each item below for more information.
SoLo’s Nutrition Triad
     1. Nutrition – Balance, Variety, Moderation
     2. Energy Management – Diet, Exercise Habits, Rest
     3. Hydration – Water is the Most Important Nutrient
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