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Nutrition Balance, Variety, Moderation
Food is necessary for life; it is important for fueling your body and investing in your overall health. Nothing is more important to your well-being and ability to perform than good nutrition. As such, your nutrition plan is vital to successfully achieving your fitness and lifestyle goals. Without the right foods, even physical conditioning and expert coaching aren't enough to push you to your best. Good nutrition must be a key part of your training program if you are to succeed. To get started, it is important to focus on (and learn) the basics and use this as the basis of your food choices and meal planning.
There is no one "miracle food" or supplement that can supply all of your nutritional needs. Certain foods supply mainly carbohydrate, other foods contain vitamins and minerals, and so on. The key to balancing your diet is to combine different foods so that nutrient deficiencies in some foods are made up by nutrient surpluses in others. Eating a variety of foods is the secret.
There are 6 basic nutrients for health carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water these work together to provide good nutrition. Each nutrient performs specific functions in your body and a lack of just one nutrient is a disadvantage to your body. Your body needs all these nutrients, so the foods you eat should supply them every day. When choosing your meals and snacks, try to base your nutrition game plan on balance, variety and moderation - to achieve and obtain the full spectrum of nutrients your body requires.
To obtain the range of nutrients your body needs to function optimally, it is important to eat a variety of foods. There is no one magic food and each food supplies specific nutrients. For example, oranges provide vitamin C and carbohydrates but not protein or calcium. Dairy foods offer protein and calcium but also carbohydrates. By eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of variety in the foods you choose, your body will thrive and perform at peak levels.
Most foods can fit into a well balanced diet; even chocolate and potato chips. The key is moderation and learning to balance refined sugars and carbohydrates with healthier choices such as fiber and whole grains at the next meal. This will help to balance your blood sugar levels and keep your energy levels consistent, but also allow you to treat yourself occasionally.
Hydration - Water is the Most Important Nutrient
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